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Project Description
Windows Service to Schedule and Run PowerShell Scripts with Full Logging to Database of script output (all streams, including Write-Host).

I was frustrated by the lack of useful tools for scheduling PowerShell Scripts. Yes Windows Task Manager in server 2008 R2 is pretty awesome, but every time I want to schedule a new script, the set of steps is enormous (plus having to look up the very long password for my domain account that handles running all PowerShell scripts).

I started looking around and the only alternatives I found were typically windows ports of the unix Cron program (not an improvement over windows task scheduler.. just a different way of doing things). Anything else seemed to cost an enormous amount of money (think JAMS-- like 5K$+) and gave me way more than I would ever use.

  • Run as windows service (all scripts will run under the credentials running the service)
  • Log all script output to database (all streams, Verbose/Debug if appropriate flags have been set)
  • Expose Service endpoint for all interactions
    • Manage Scheduled scripts (there is no UI; eventually I will include a PowerShell module to make this even simpler)
    • Allows calling a job to run immediately (So you can now build all your automation functionality in PowerShell Scripts, write a simple webpage for users, they click a button, etc and a call is made to PowerShellCron to run the script you wrote...

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